B.E.S.Team International
Business Entrepreneur Support Team (B.E.S.Team) Ltd.
Our mission is to build the BEST team atmosphere for Entrepreneurs to share ideas and services.
What is B.E.S.T.?
The terms B.E.S.T. or B.E.S.Team are short acronyms used to refer to
Business Entrepreneur Support Team Inc. and the people who have associated with us to form the team.

The goal is to develop a Business Entrepreneur Support Team around the world on the internet and local B.E.S.Teams where we have contacts who share our ideals and vision.

We are looking for positive, sharing individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds who wish to encourage, educate, and support entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs who wish to receive, share, and develop working ideas.

In addition to our goal of putting together an internet based clearinghouse of entrepreneurial information some of us are also focused on putting together local clearinghouses of entrepreneurial support and meeting groups.

In our business plan we also envision providing linkages between those seeking a service and those providing the service in many different areas such as business services, construction & trades, legal, and other suitable fields.

The B.E.S.Team site and concept is meant to be self-supporting after a time.  In order to develop the cash flow for developing our informational sites we subscribe to selected marketing groups and affiliate programs which we feel we can recommend.  As well we have in-house consulting services which generate income for our management team.

Our base is Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


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